Cartiera Giacosa S.p.A. is structured to produce decorative papers, kraft papers, phenolic impregnation, impregnating melamine and resins production.

Paper Manufacturing

Cartiera Giacosa S.p.A. For the production of papers, has two paper machines of OVER and MAULE construction , with related mixture preparation systems that produce respectively kraft paper on the machine named number 2, with fourdrinier of 3 meters and a speed of 250 meters per minute while on the machine 1, where are made the production of decorative paper and kraft paper with low weight, the fourdrinier is 2 meters and half, and the speed of 250 meters per minute.

These machines allow the paper mill to have an annual paper production capacity of about 45.000 / 48.000 tons, divided into about 40.000 for kraft paper and the remainder for decorative papers.


For the impregnation sector, the production departments consist of two phenolic lines: one of VITS construction, with size 215 cm and a speed of 120 meters per minute, the other of TOCCHIO construction with maximum size of 215 cm. and a speed of 80 meters per minute. Cartiera Giacosa also has a line of melamine impregnation of TOCCHIO construction, which allows to impregnate a maximum size of 215 cm with a speed of 30 meters per minute.

These impregnating, allow to have an annual production capacity of about 27.000 tons of which 25.000 are on phenolic side, and the rest on melamine.

Resins Production

Cartiera Giacosa S.p.A. is also producer of resins, having a system composed of two reactors of about 28 and 20 cubic meters respectively for the production of phenolic and melamine/urea - melamine resins and related raw materials storage tanks.