Company history

Cartiera Giacosa S.p.A., Is located in a small niche of companies that produce decorative paper and kraft paper for laminates.

Cartiera Giacosa S.p.A. was established in 1961 with a plant in Front Canavese in an area of 60,000 m2 of which 19,000 m2 covered ...

Its main plant, quickly came on stream, initially were:
- A machine for paper production
- A chemical section for the production of resins with two reactors with capacities of 200 q of phenolic resin and 50 q of melamine resin for each reaction.
- A section for the papers treatment-impregnation with resin on the traditional type impregnation

In 1968 a second paper machine is installed with a capacity of more than 800 q daily. Progressively paper treatment plants have been potentiated leading to a daily capacity exceeding 800 q.

In the late 80's was completed a second lot of works and installations that has seen a renewal of pumps, motors, valves and electrical equipment. Various cleaners were installed to ensure a perfect cleaning of the mixtures, the plant for the recycling of the broke, to ensure an appreciable economy through the reuse of trimmings and scraps, a conveyor system for placing cellulose in the pulper, a fire prevention system. The tine of machine N. 2 were coated and treated to allow the production of white and colored paper with a high content of titanium dioxide. An appropriate instrumentation has been applied for the process control to ensure an efficacious weight control.

Besides the traditional Kraft paper impregnation with phenolic resin and of decorative paper with melamine resin for high pressure, was added an impregnation plant of the papers with various resins for low pressure.

Since 2000, more structural and technological changes have brought the paper mill to use more and more advanced machines without neglecting the environmental impact that such facility can have. The production of kraft papers, printing base and colored decoratives required by the industry led to structural changes of machinery and related services. A precise and planned work setting, an efficient coordination of supplies and outside services, has allowed the execution of the work required without affecting the normal production.

Since 2001, these are the main changes of Cartiera Giacosa:
2001: entered a recovery fiber (flotation Simeoni) in PM2. 2001-2002: Installation of two steam box in PM2
2002: installation of a screw press in the sludge treatment system that has increased the dry dehydration.
2002: soundproofing of fans and relief valves
2003: Installation of new pumps NASH at reduced water consumption and improved old pumps with the installation of internal restrictions designed to reduce the diameter of the water flow (lower flow).
2003: Backwater use in the pulp preparation circuit (Dilution cleaner on PM1 and broke cleaner on PM2)
2003: installation of a steam box on PM1
2004: start process of converting the fuel system of 50% methane and 50% fuel to 100% methane
2005: Replacement of a paper machine, thereby enlarging the size of a width of 188 cm. to 222 cm in order to enter into a larger slice of the market for the sale of decorative papers.
2007: end process of converting the fuel system, now 100% methane

This short list of interventions is to highlight how in the years has been done a constant attention to carry out development programs with long-term plans aimed at upgrading production and a profound technology renewal in order to reduce costs by increasing quantity, and quality improvement, allowing them to seek new markets for new products.