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The new paper brand
by Cartiera Giacosa

Kuro Kraft offers a range of products with different characteristics to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for the deepest black, the most vibrant colors, or the highest fire resistance, Kuro has it all.

Kuro paper is a high-quality, premium kraft that comes in different varieties, each with their unique characteristics.



The green evolution of Kuro Kraft

We aim to make a positive impact on the environment by reducing waste and promoting eco-friendly practices.
That is why we have created Kuro Recycled.


Kuro paper for compact kraft ant their characteristics


This paper is unique in its ability to produce the deepest black possible. Even if cut through it maintains its powerful, deep and rich black color. It is ideal for making durable high-contrast kraft that stand out from the crowd.


This paper comes in a variety of colors to match your mood and style. You can choose from red, blue, green, yellow, and many more. From bright and bold to soft and subtle, Kuro Colored is perfect for creating colorful kraft for those who need to add a pop of color to their projects.


This paper is a standard type that can be used for different purposes. It has a natural brown color that gives it a rustic and eco-friendly look. It’s a reliable, versatile paper that can be used for a wide range of projects, making it an excellent choice for anyone who needs a dependable paper.


This paper has the highest fire-retardant properties on the market. It is perfect for projects that require extra safety measures, such as construction sites or industrial applications. Its ability to resist fire and heat makes it the ideal solution for important projects that need to be protected from fire hazards.


The symbolic meaning of the name Kuro and its history


In Japanese, KURO means black and over time, black has taken on the meaning of elegance, seriousness, and experience. Being Kuro Kraft the product of decades of experience from Cartiera Giacosa, we knew that this name could deeply represent it.

The word Kuro also wants to recall one of the phases to which paper is subjected during its processing: the “curing time”. It refers to the necessary time to allow the completion of the transition from liquid to solid state of the resin; belonging to a laminate composed of impregnated paper and subjected to a pressing cycle with specific temperature and pressure.

Kuro also has an assonance with the verb “care”. Taking care of the environment and the person living in it is one of the goals of this new brand, made it real through our Kuro recycled product.

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