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Cartiera Giacosa over time


Cartiera Giacosa is established in Front Canavese as a company specialized in the production and impregnation of paper.


A phenolic reactor is installed and resin production starts.


Vittorio Roscio joins the company and important investments are made. In particular:

  • renewing the impregnation department;
  • increasing the production capacity of raw paper;
  • increasing the resin production capacity with the implementation of a new reactor.


The technical equipment gets expanded: alongside the traditional impregnation of Kraft papers and decorative papers with melamine resin for high pressure, they add a plant for impregnating the papers with low pressure resins. Also, in the same period, cleaners are installed ensuring a perfect cleaning of the doughs. The company also gets equipped with a modern fire-fighting system.


Increasing of attention to the environment. Over the years, numerous interventions have been made, including the process of converting the entire fuel system into methane.


Marco Roscio joins Cartiera Giacosa as Sales Manager.


Cartiera Giacosa make its commitment to society and to the environment stronger.
In the same year, they install a cogeneration system that allows the production of green energy and a biological filtration.


Today Cartiera Giacosa is a solid company, committed to innovation and constantly growing.
It has 130 employees and a revenue of over 50 millions of euros.
Employees safety, social responsibility and sustainability are the essential focus on their agenda. For this reason, they are committed, every day, to act responsibly, aware that today’s decisions and actions will affect the world of tomorrow.

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